As most Twenty One Pilots fans know, the album Blurryface surfaced online last night. There was no doubt about it, it was the actual album, not a fake copy. One question remained however, why was it out before the original release date, May 19th? Was it meant to happen? To tell you the truth, we don’t know anymore than you do. But what we do know is all the facts that have come out so far. It is up to you to decide, based off these facts, if it was intentional or not.

The album is an early release by the band

1. Ghosttunes: On May 9th, the album was available for purchase for $9.99 on the Ghosttunes site. The album was released under the Twenty One Pilots Ghosttunes account. This is the same account that released Vessel when it first came out. Ghosttunes is also a verified music distribution service, not a shady website. It is similar to iTunes except it gives the artist more revenue and more freedom.

2. Blurryface Twitter Account: In these past weeks leading up to the release of the album, the Blurryface twitter account always seems to have the inside scoop. The account was able to accurately predict that “Stressed Out” would be released a day later than intended. There is no doubt that this is a authentic account. Although the account has since removed all of its posts, it tweeted yesterday that “it” was somewhere on the internet, the fans would just have to look.

blurryface leak

3. Physical Copies: Another argument leaning towards an intentional release was that the band released because physical copies were being shipped out. In the past, albums tend to leak whenever CD’s and pre-order bundles are sent to CD stores, UPS warehouses, and other places alike. It would make sense that Tyler and Josh knew a leak was imminent  and preferred the album to be released on their terms.

4. Tyler’s Tweet (Update): Tyler tweeted this on May 11th, two days after the leak and one day after the album was pulled.

blurryface leak 2

The album was unintentionally leaked by a third party

1. Ghosttunes: There are many signs indicating that despite the album being released from the official Twenty One pilots account, it was still not intentional. For one, Ghosttunes might have had access to the files since it was going to be releasing it a week from now. Although Ghosttunes is a trusted site, someone on the inside could have released it. This would no doubt boost the site’s popularity since it would be the only place to download Blurryface. Another explanation was that it was an error. Only “Ride” was meant to be released but the entire album was accidentally let out.

2. Blurryface Twitter Account: Although the account has provided reliable information in the past, neither Tyler nor Josh has directly confirmed that they control the account. Yes, the account did mention that something was somewhere online, but we don’t know what this was referring to. A possibility is that it was referring to “Ride” a song that’s supposed to come out later this week. The leak of the album was just bad timing.

3. iTunes: As of now, the album is still not available on iTunes, the most credible music distribution service. If the band was going to release it early, it wouldn’t have solely been for Ghosttunes, it would’ve been released for all sites, especially since fans have already spent money pre-ordering it from iTunes.

4. /u/schneidmaster: A reddit user that goes by the name Schneidmaster has said this regarding the leak:

“I have heard directly from sources (who do not want to be named but are 100% reliable) that the album on Ghosttunes is illicit. Nobody associated with the band posted it for sale there.”

We cannot verify if what Schneidmaster said is true but we do know that that Schneidmaster is a moderator on the Twenty One Pilots subreddit and has been able to provide the subreddit with inside information before.

5. Official Accounts: In the past, when songs off of Blurryface were released early, the band usually followed up with a statement on Twitter and Facebook confirming music was out officially. It has been more than 12 hours and there has still been no word from any official account. The website still says the album will be available May 19th.