Just recently, the new Zac Brown Band album, Jekyll + Hyde was released and it seems that the band has expanded their list of genres once again.

Many of the tracks on the album mix different styles with the original country feel of the band itself. One example is the song “Beautiful Drug,” which has a pop/country feel to it. The song “Mango Tree,” which features Sara Bereilles,  also has a big band jazz feel to it. In addition, the album also features the song “Remedy,” which has a celtic/country  sound.

The most popular song, however, is “Heavy is the Head,” featuring Chris Cornell (shown below), which has country/rock feel. The song has the most downloads compared to any other song on the album.

Though there are many new genres mixed into this album,  Zac Brown Band still holds onto the same country feel that is seen in previous albums. Country love songs on the album, such as “You Make Loving You Easy,” “Wildfire,” “Bittersweet, ” as well as many others are similar to songs on the old albums.

The album not only features new love songs, but it also has songs like “Castaway” where the band goes back to the old beach country songs similar to  “Toes” and “Knee Deep.”

While many of these songs are rising in popularity the one that is my personal favorite on the album is Homegrown. Previously released on ias a single, “Homegrown”  has reached a new level of popularity on the Jekyll + Hyde album, peaking  at #2 on the Billboard Country List as well as #2 on April 2015’s Taste of Country top songs.

After listening to this album, I would recommend only my favorite songs such as “Homegrown,”  “Remedy,” “You Make Loving You Easy,” and “Castaway.”Personally, I felt that this was their best album  because of the overall blend of music creates such a positive sound.