It happens to all of us. We find a band. They become popular. And then their songs are leaked before the release date. This is what happened to Twenty One Pilots earlier today.

The song titled Lane Boy, which was supposed to come out tomorrow, has been  leaked a day early. I won’t talk about any lyrics in this review for those fans who don’t want to hear music until it is formally released, but I will tell you that Tyler and Josh have set new expectations once again.

The three songs that have come out so far, have all had their own individual style, and this one is no different. It is not as dark and slow as Fairly Local was. The song is not as all out cheerful as Tear In My Heart was either. Compared to Stressed Out, the beat is much more complicated than Stressed Out’s simple drum pattern.

The song, which slightly runs over four minutes, starts off with a catchy chorus, followed immediately by two verses of fast rapping. Throughout this first half of the song, Tyler constantly criticizes mainstream music’s standards and indicates how Twenty One Pilots will become successful without following the same basic formula songs before them have followed.  The second half of the song feels like something completely different, which isn’t surprising for Twenty One Pilots. Instead of Tyler’s voice, it is dominated completely by Josh’s drum solo mixed with electronic elements.

Overall, the song is reminiscent of earlier songs on the band’s debut album Vessel, which simply described, were multiple shorts songs and ideas mashed up into one final product.

Update: Lane Boy was officially released at 11:00 pm on Twenty One Pilot’s YouTube channel, a day earlier than scheduled. Josh Dun later said this regarding a question about the leak.

“We don’t personally know who leaked the song. I was thinking today about the whole concept of leaking music. When I was younger, I didn’t really have much of a conviction about listening to leaked songs/album. Never really thought twice about it…just thought it was a good chance to listen to my favorite bands earlier. Now that I’m on the other end of it, it feels pretty violating.”

Click here to listen to the song.